Guide to Buying Hearing Aids Online

Buying hearing aids online is a great option for those looking for alternatives to the high-priced traditional hearing aids available in retail stores. Over-the-counter or non-prescription hearing aids that are bought through websites can cost as little as $300 per ear and can feature similar technology that is offered on hearing aids that cost $2000 or more.

Who Should Consider Buying Hearing Aids Online

  • If you cannot or just don’t want to spend between $4000 and $8000 on traditional hearing aids and are looking for a more reasonable, low-cost option to help deal with hearing loss.
  • If you don’t mind doing a little bit of cleaning and maintenance on your hearing aid yourself. Some aids offer technology that lets you adjust your aid in the comfort of your own home, so you don’t have to go in for appointments.
  • Individuals who will not go to a professional audiologist under any circumstances. Some people have an aversion to doctors and refuse to visit them. It isn’t that common and isn’t ideal, but if you don’t like visiting doctors and are having hearing issues, hearing aid websites are an option worth exploring.
  • You are comfortable contacting the website for help and support.  You need to be willing to use the website’s online support, whether live chat, phone, or email support.
  • You are comfortable being parted from your hearing aid if it has to be shipped back to the manufacturer for repairs.
  • Your budget allows for only $300 per ear for the hearing aids. The online aids are much cheaper than traditional hearing aids, but they still cost a good amount of money if you are on a fixed income (although some sites do offer to finance).

Who Should Not Buy Hearing Aids Online

  • Individuals who need to have face to face support with their hearing aids.
  • Those who have difficulty cleaning and maintaining their aids on their own.
  • Those who have profound hearing loss.
  • You should not buy hearing aids for children online.

What kind of help and support can you get from an online hearing aid website?

With a hearing aid website, you should expect to have access to well-informed customer service teams, as well as instructional emails and videos. You should get some guidance with maintenance and minor repairs that are usually straightforward and can be done by users. For major repairs and reprogramming, the hearing aids will have to be returned to the online retailer who will usually turn around your repair in a few days.

What should you look for in an online hearing aid retailer?

There are a few key things you should look for in an online hearing aid retailer. First, make sure anywhere you are considering buying from has a really good return policy. There is a good chance you may not like the aid you end up ordering or that it may not work well for you. If that happens, you need to be able to return the device hassle-free.

You should look for a company that is going to provide helpful, informative support and advice without high-pressure sales tactics.

Finally, you will want a company that sells good quality aids for a fair price. Check online reviews for any websites you are considering.


The biggest factor in stopping most people who could really benefit from using a hearing aid is cost. Thankfully online retailers are changing the hearing aid landscape and allowing consumers to purchase highly beneficial aids for a fraction of the cost of traditional aids. The cheapest aid that you will be able to get online is around $300 per ear. Most sites do offer some form of financing.

When you are selecting a model, make sure you only buy what you need. Some of the aids that are sold online offer premium features like Bluetooth capability that can drive up the cost, and most people don’t need it.

Are online aids as good as retail?

There is a range of options that are available online, from budget models to very high-end devices. This means that you have access to the same kind of devices and quality that you get from traditional retailers.

If you are interested in higher-end aids that have the best level of performance, you could have a look at some of Embrace Hearing options. They offer custom-programmed (by a professional audiologist) European BTE/RIC (Behind the Ear; Receiver in Canal) that have all of the advanced features and top-level performance that would cost over $4000 per ear from traditional retailers but Embrace sell them for less than $2400.

What will you miss out on if you buy online?

The main thing that you will miss out on if you buy online is having the face to face service. For some consumers, this is a good reason not to buy online, but keep in mind that the in-person service does cost you. In some cases, you may be paying thousands more if you opt for a retailer rather than buying online. You will also not have the access to have someone else do the basic maintenance, cleaning, and adjustment of your device.

What are the advantages of buying online?

Buying hearing aids online have a few advantages over traditional brick and mortar stores. Price is obviously the biggest advantage over other channels of getting hearing aids. You will pay much less when you buy online. Online retailers also usually have very good return policies, and they are convenient because you can access their online support quickly and easily without having to wait for an appointment or leave your house.

What does the process involve?

Hearing test

Before buying a hearing aid, you should have a hearing test done. You can then use the results to help the online hearing aid retailer to ensure you get the best hearing aid for your needs. Some websites offer their own hearing tests that are done online using a pair of headphones.

Talking to customer service

Your best resource when shopping for a hearing aid online is each retailer’s online support. Most hearing aid websites have excellent support that can help guide you in your purchase. For the most part, they won’t try to upsell you with expensive features but rather help you find what is best for your needs and your budget. The customer support may ask about your manual dexterity and vision since they can affect whether or not a particular model is a good option for you.

Choosing a model

If you would prefer not to speak to customer support about which model to get, make sure you take time to read any reviews that are available for particular models and also read the product description very carefully.

Receiving it in the mail

When you get your hearing aid, the package should contain general instructions on how to use, clean, and store the hearing aid, as well as troubleshooting instructions. You should also be given information about how to purchase the correct size of battery and instructions on how to store, change, or recharge the battery.  


Some of the models of hearing aids do allow for adjustments, depending on what you buy. The website will offer either support over the phone to help you adjust the device, or if you have a programmable model, you may need to send it back to the company for adjustments.


The top online hearing aid retailers are very good about letting you return with no questions asked if you find the aids aren’t working for you. A couple of sites do charge return fees after a certain point, but these are fairly rare.

Getting used to Hearing Aids

Once you have received your hearing aid, it is now time to put it in and start the adjustment period. Unfortunately, it takes between 2-3 weeks for your brain to fully adjust to processing the sound from the hearing aids. Many people give up and feel the aids don’t work if they aren’t aware that it takes some time.

Follow up

Any website you buy a hearing aid from doing a follow up through a phone call or email to ensure that the aid is comfortable and that they are working effectively for you. They should also answer any questions that you have about the product.

If you feel you will not get this level of support from a website, do not purchase and look for other options instead.

When to see your healthcare provider

Buying online can be a wonderful cost-saving option for many people who have hearing loss, but it is not the best choice for everyone. If you aren’t sure about your hearing loss and experience any of the following, you should see your healthcare professional:

  • If you have a visible deformity of the ear
  • If you have had any fluid or drainage from the ear within the past 90 days
  • If you have had unexpected or a fluctuation in hearing loss
  • If you have experienced dizziness
  • Ringing in one or both ears
  • Ear canal blockage
  • Ear infection
  • Excessive wax buildup
  • Pain or discomfort in the ear

Features to Look for

The most popular hearing aids have several different program settings for different situations; they can filter out background noise and can be programmed to match your hearing loss. Higher-end models are able to do things like use the wireless technology on your smartphone to take calls and stream audio. The following are some of the most popular features to be aware of:

Multiple program settings- One of the most useful options to look for are devices that come with multiple program settings. This just means that you can adjust the device easily, usually with the push of a button on less expensive aids to adjust to either loud settings like a mall or quieter settings like when you are having a conversation in a quiet room or a different setting if you are listening to music.

Automatic noise level adjustment –A nice to have feature is noise level adjustment. Generally, this feature isn’t available on the budget models, the less expensive options have manual volume control and a manual option to change the program settings for different environments. More expensive models will adjust the noise level automatically for different environments.

Directional Microphone

A hearing aid containing a directional microphone will help you hear conversations better when you are in noisy situations like a restaurant. The benefit of a directional microphone is that it makes the sound in front of you louder. Often if there is a directional microphone, there will also be an omnidirectional microphone as well that will pick up sounds from the side and back of the listener, and then the hearing aid processor will determine which microphone to use in various situations. Higher-end devices will do this automatically, while more budget models do this by pushing a button to change the microphone.

Feedback Suppression

Feedback suppression or reduction is an important feature to stop high-pitched whistling sounds that can occur if you are near a telephone or the aid isn’t fitted properly. Most hearing aids have this feature.

Digital Noise Reduction

Digital Noise Reduction is useful in noisy environments as it can help  block out some background noise and make it easier to hear conversations.


A telecoil is a small sensor that can pick up a wireless signal from hearing-aid-compatible telephones and public address systems or induction loops. These can be helpful for churches or auditoriums.


Bluetooth wireless technology lets you stream music, TV shows, and telephone calls from computers, smartphones, and TVs directly into your hearing aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What different styles of hearing aids are available?

Digital hearing aids come in five major styles:

  1. Mini-Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid
  2. Traditional Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid (BTE)
  3. Completely-in-the-Canal Hearing Aid (CIC)
  4. In-the-Canal Hearing Aid (IIC)
  5. Traditional In-the-Ear Hearing Aid (ITE)

The most popular style these days is the Mini-Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid (mBTE).  People love this style because it is usually small enough not to be noticeable, and it is comfortable because it is small and lightweight.

Which style is best for you?

There isn’t really one great aid that will work well for everyone. If you are interested in a particular aid, it is best to contact the online website to speak to their support, and they will go over with you which options will work best for your lifestyle.  The customer support will usually discuss budget, technology, and extra features that are available and make recommendations that you can act on or not.

How long do they last?

On average, hearing aids have an estimated lifespan of three to seven years, depending on the style (some may last longer). Expect to purchase new hearing aids every 5 years. 

How much do online hearing aids cost?

You can get budget models of hearing online for approximately $300 per ear, and you can go up to $2000 for higher-end models with the latest cutting edge technology that you would be paying $4000 elsewhere.

Which hearing aid should I buy?

The right hearing aid for you depends on several factors, including the type and severity of your hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your manual dexterity. It is best to do as much research as you can and then contact customer support for any brands or models that you are interested in to get further guidance on whether a particular model will work well for you.


How will I know if hearing aids will work for me?

The best way to know the hearing will work for you is to purchase an aid from a company with a robust return policy or a site that offers a trial period so that you can test the aid out. After the initial adjustment period of a few weeks where your brain learns to adapt to the sound, you will have a pretty good idea if the aid is working for you or not. If it doesn’t work, return it.

Should I buy 1 hearing aid or 2 hearing aids?

The hearing aid website may recommend purchasing two hearing aids if you have hearing loss in both ears. Understandably you may want to save money by purchasing only one aid, but if you have loss in both ears and only wear one aid, you will still have difficulty hearing.

Can I use hearing aids with eyeglasses?

For the most part, yes, you can still wear most styles of hearing aids if you are also wearing glasses. The best styles to wear with glasses are the in-the-ear and in-the-canal styles, but you can still wear behind the styles if you put on your glasses and then put in your hearing aid. Some people may find the behind the ear style is a bit uncomfortable with glasses, but it may just take a little bit of time to find the right position.

Can I finance my hearing aids?

A number of online hearing aid websites offer financing for their products. See Audicus, Embrace, Eargo, MD Hearing Aid.

What do you need to know about warranties for online aids?

Not only should you research the length of the warranty of any hearing aids you are thinking about purchasing online, but you should also make sure you have a clear understanding of what the warranty covers (adjustments, loss, damage). Warranty policies do differ between different brands, so it is important you understand exactly what is included in the cost you are paying.

What should you know about return policies?

One of the most important things to do when buying a hearing aid online is to ensure that you fully understand the return policy before you buy anything. Do not buy from a website that does not allow you to return your hearing aids and get your money back if you are not satisfied. You should also be aware of the length of any trial periods that are offered and keep track of purchase dates.

SmartAid Digital Premium Review


The SmartAid Digital Premium hearing aid is one of the smallest sized, open-fit digital OTC hearing aids available. Open-fit hearing aids are a popular choice as most users find them to be very comfortable and to have the best sound.  You can get the SmartAid Digital Premium custom programmed by sending your hearing test to Clearly Hearing before they ship it out, or if you prefer you can have the device pre-programmed with the most common settings for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Design and Size

The SmartAid Digital Premium is a very small behind the ear design. They come in a beige or charcoal color, and they are sold with a variety of sizes of ear tubes so you can get the right fit. It is a fairly standard design with a volume control and a compartment for the battery. The size dimensions are 7/8 of an inch in length, by 1/4 size in thickness and 5/16 of an inch in width.

Speech Understanding

This hearing aid has a lot of features to enhance the sound quality that are pretty advanced for an aid in this price range. One feature worth noting is that it has adaptive directional microphone technology. This just means that the aid is switching automatically between omni-directional and directional microphones in order for you to hear speech that is right in front of you, even when you are moving into noisy environment from somewhere quieter. It also has top notch  background noise cancelling technology, which is incredibly important when you are having a conversation anywhere that has a lot of background noise. Noise cancelling technology works by separating the voice from the noise, amplifying it and keeping the background noise normal.


TheSmartAid Digital Premium  has the most advanced features of any of the hearing aids that Clearly Hearing sell. It has a new 130 Nanometer DSP Engine, that helps to amplify the medium to high frequency sounds and to allow the noise cancelling technology to work really well, so you get better voice clarity in noisy environments. If you love tech specs they have quite an extensive description of the technical aspects of the device on their website.


If you are concerned about comfort with your hearing aid (which most people are), a good place to start is with an open-fit behind the ear style. Open fit tips are very comfortable and often have the best sound. They don’t plug the ear canal, so low frequency sounds are heard normally and middle and high frequency sounds are amplified. Small behind the ear models are also, for the most part, very comfortable and lightweight.

Ease of Use

The SmartAid Digital Premium is a standard behind the ear hearing aid that is easy to use and easy to change between the four settings. If you have hand dexterity issues you may find the small size difficult to adjust. SmartAid Digital Premium comes with 4 volume settings allowing users to easily adjust the volume just by pushing a button on the device.

Customer Service/Support

By most accounts, the support team at Clearly Hearing is very helpful, easy to deal with and professional. If you get in touch with them, they will help you to understand your hearing loss and what technology will work best for you. You can contact them through their live chat on the website, by phone or by submitting a query on their contact page.


The price for the SmartAid Digital Premium is $499 per ear, or $998 for a pair.

Warranty/Return Policy

SmartAids Digital Premium comes with a 50 day 100% money back guarantee. It also has a one year warranty. The company does charge a $20 flat fee for shipping and handling if you need to get the hearing aid repaired under the warranty. Clearly Hearing lists the cost for repairs that aren’t covered under the warranty which run $100 for minor repairs and $200 for major repairs.

Available from Clearly Hearing

HearClear HCX Review


The HearClear HCX is a very basic, affordable hearing aid model sold by Advanced Affordable Hearing. It costs less than $350 per ear, but it contains technology that is advanced enough that it will help most people’s hearing loss. This is a great option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but want a good quality hearing aid that has all the features you need to help you hear clearly.

Design and Size

The HearClear HCX is very difficult to see when it is being worn due to its small size. The clear tubing is quite thin and it comes with a soft medical-grade tip that most users find to be extremely comfortable. It has volume control and a program button that you use to change to the different settings for different environments. The dimensions are 1.18 inches in height, .39 inches in thickness and .62 inches in width. They come in beige, taupe or gray.

Speech Understanding

TheHearClear HCX is pre-programmed to the most common hearing loss levels. The technology it uses includes a 12-band digital processor for better sound quality (it only amplifies the high-frequency sounds that you are missing). It also uses 10 bands of layered noise reduction that will help you to hear voices in noisy hearing situations. It has a manual volume control wheel and a program button that lets you adjust the program modes.


This is one of the cheaper options that is available if you are looking for an OTC hearing aid. Despite not having all of the features that more expensive brands have, it will work well for most people who have hearing loss and just want something that will help them hear without breaking the bank.


Most users find the HearClear HCX very comfortable to wear, some people find them so comfortable that they forget they are wearing them. The ear tips are an open-fit design which is generally regarded as the most comfortable ear tip because it doesn’t block the entire canal and does let some airflow through. Open fit feels more natural than a design where the entire canal is blocked.

Ease of Use

Since this is a fairly basic model it isn’t hard to use. You can pretty much put it on right out of the box, adjust the volume and the mode and you should be hearing more clearly almost right away. Users also report having no problem changing between the three preset settings for different hearing situations (normal every day, noise reduction, and significant noise reduction).

Customer Service/Support

Advanced Affordable Hearing has a reputation for being helpful and professional and will try to correct any problems that you run into. You can contact them at  1-888-570-2740 | Fax: 1-877-308-1820 or through email at


The cost for the HearClear HCX is $329 per ear, or you can buy the pair for $598. If you are looking to save money, they also sell refurbished models (although it looks like you only get around $30 off if you get the refurbished devices). If you don’t want to buy the device outright, you can rent the hearing aid for $29 a month.

Warranty/Return Policy

The HearClear HCX  comes with a 6-month limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Available from

Century Hearing Aids Best Ear Basic


Century Hearing Aids Best Ear Basic is a good option if you are looking for a value hearing aid that doesn’t have fancy, extra features, but is a solid device that will help you hear conversations, TV and help you when you find yourself in difficult hearing situations. The Best Ear Basic is a standard behind the ear style that most people find very lightweight and difficult to see when wearing. If you try out this aid and find it isn’t for you, Century Hearing has an easy, no hassle return policy.

Design and Size


This device is the very common BTE open fit style. A lot of individuals like wearing this type of BTE design because it comfortable and relatively discrete. This particular model is lightweight and is fairly slim. You can get it in either beige and silver colors, both with the clear sound tube. It uses a standard 312 hearing aid battery and has a manual volume control.

Speech Understanding

The technology on the Best Hear Basic will allow most individuals with moderate to severe hearing loss to hear clear conversations while in restaurants, church and while outdoors. It has background noise reduction capability and comes with 4 program settings (quieter setting, noisy setting, using telephone and listening to music). If you would prefer to have the hearing aid pre-programmed all you have to do is send in a copy of your hearing test to Century Hearing, and they will program the device for your level of hearing loss.



The features that are offered for this hearing aid are pretty standard for this price range. With the Best Ear Basic you will get an omni microphone, noise reduction (reduces background noise so you hear speech), feedback cancellation (so you shouldn’t get the high pitched squeal), and 2 channels / 12 bands. It doesn’t have the top of the line hearing technology or features, but most will find this is a great hearing aid for the price you are paying.


The Best Ear Basic is an open-fit hearing aid that most wearers find very comfortable.   Open fit are comfortable because they don’t block the entire ear canal. Instead they allow air to flow through and you can hearing low frequency sounds naturally, while the high frequency sounds are amplified.

Ease of Use

Since this is a basic model, there aren’t a lot of extra features or bells and whistles to make it difficult to use. There is an easy to adjust volume control, and the ability to switch between 4 different program settings depending on the type of hearing situation you find yourself in (restaurant, mall, movie theater, at home, etc.).

Customer Service/Support

Century Hearing Aids have a few different ways to get help and support. They have a toll free number, you can submit a question on their website they also have a website chat that is easy to access to get immediate answers to any questions or concerns that you may have.


The price for one Best Ear Basic is $399, if you choose to get a pair then it is an additional $301.

Warranty/Return Policy

The Best Ear Basic comes with a 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee and has a 1 year warranty if they stop working or become defective.  If you have to return the hearing aid you can get it shipped back for free. Century Hearing also offer a free lifetime service plan that includes programming, adjustments and cleaning.

Available from Century Hearing Aids

iHearMax Review


The iHearMax is a hearing aid developed by a startup called iHearMedical that creates good quality hearing aids and innovative do it yourself online tools to adjust the hearing aids. The iHearMax is a very good, basic hearing aid that has 4 presets for different environments that will work for most individuals with mild up to severe hearing loss. What makes this aid a little different is that there are optional upgrades that you can purchase that allow you to customize the device at home or have the company pre-program the hearing aid based on your audiogram.  If you are into technology and are interested in taking control of your hearing adjustments and customizing the device, the iHearMax is definitely a hearing aid that you should consider. You don’t have to get the optional programming kit or the pre-programming service, but if you do it allows you use the hearing to its maximum potential.

Design and Size

The iHearmax devices are designed to very small and lightweight, you can even wear them comfortably with glasses without  much of an issue. The hearing aid comes with 7 different sized ear tips, both vented and standard options so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the right fit. They come in a tech gray or a classic beige color, and you can choose between two different clear wire lengths.

Speech Understanding

For most users the sound quality of the iHearMax is reportedly very good. What makes a huge difference for the clarity of the speech is the ability to program and adjust the sound yourself based on your actual hearing environment (although this means that you have to buy the optional programming kits) . If you would prefer not to adjust the hearing aid yourself, for an additional fee you can send the company your audiogram and they will programming the device for you using your audiogram. If you have any issues with programming the device you can call the company and they have audiologists who you can speak to who will suggest the right settings for you.


The iHearMax is a high quality hearing aid that is manufactured in California. It is quite a durable device that is made of composite plastic. As far as technology, it has 4 sound profiles, high fidelity 20-bit digital audio processing, adaptive feedback cancellation, 4-channel wide dynamic range compression and digital ambient noise suppression. A lot of users comment on how good the background noise suppression on this device is.


The small size and the access to 7 different tip sizes means that for most people this will be a comfortable hearing aid. You may have to try a number of different tips before you find what works for you. FYI once you have found the right tip you will have to order more from the company, as the tips only last for around 30 days, they cost $1.50 for each tip.

Ease of Use

For the most part, the iHearMax is pretty easy to use. Some individuals may find it a little bit confusing to use the programming kit if they aren’t tech savvy, but the company has really tried to make the device itself to be easy to program. If you have basic computer and smartphone skills, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting started. Also remember you don’t have to get the programming kit, the hearing comes with 4 presets that will work well for most people. If you have any trouble with the hearing aid, it is easy to get in contact with support and they will talk you through any issues that you may run into.

Customer Service/Support

You can contact the iHearMedical support to get help with adjusting the settings and with any other issues through their phone line or by email at or Tel +1 (844) IHEAR44, Tel +1 (844) 443-2744.


The iHearMax costs $399 per ear or $798 for both ears. The company offers a financing deal with 0% interest with no payments for 6 months on hearing aid purchases.

Warranty/Return Policy

The iHearMax comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a limited 1-year warranty.


Available from iHearMedical

Companion Hearing Aid Review


The Sound World Solutions Companion Hearing Aid is one of the hearing aid options that lets you customize the sound of the aid through your smartphone with an app. You don’t  have to use the app, it comes with three presets that you can use right out of the box, but if you like to get a personalized adjustment on your aid in the comfort of your own home, Companion is well worth a look. It has similar features to some of the more expensive over-the-counter options, as well as those that you get from the big 6 hearing aid companies. It is also rechargeable with a battery life of up to 18 hours. This can make maintenance easier for you by eliminating the need to regularly change the battery.

Design and Size

This model is a little bigger than most of the other models on our list for the best OTC hearing aids. If you are looking for an aid that is very small and discreet, this probably isn’t the model for you. It has a lot of great features included, but being small and invisible isn’t one of them. The measurements for the Companion are 9.6 mm wide x 48 mm high x 28 mm deep.

Speech Understanding

Right out of the box most people will be able to get significant amounts of gain before you even try to customize the device. Officially if offers 62 dB of gain with 126 dB SPL of maximum output. It uses digital audio processing and has a 16 channel compressor, feedback cancellation and 16 channel noise reduction. It also has directional microphones that make it easier to hear in noisy environments like restaurants or malls. If you choose not to customize the device through the app, it has 3 preset settings that you can change easily when you are in different situations that have different noise level requirements.  The standout feature on the Companion is the ability to customize the sound based on your own hearing loss. Using an app you are able to set the device to your own hearing preferences, this allows you really get the best sound possible for your needs.


The Companion works well, is made with good quality parts and offers a exceptional features for a device in this price range. The two feature that are unusual in the Companion are the ability to customize the hearing aid through the app, and the Bluetooth compatibility that allows you to hear phone calls or stream music through the aid. Some of the other competitors to the Companion that have similar features but charge quite a bit more for them.


As I mentioned above, the Companion isn’t the smallest OTC hearing aid but it is fairly lightweight and slim, so many people find it comfortable to wear. Since it is a behind the ear design, it is easy to adjusts to find a comfortable position. It also comes with 3 different sized ear tips that you can test out to make sure you are getting the best and most comfortable fit.

Ease of Use

What is great about the Companion is that you can customize it to your hearing loss using the app, or you can avoid the app altogether and just use one of the three presets. If you do use the Customizer app it is very easy to use and guides you through the whole process in a simple and uncomplicated manner. The app works on Apple and Android phones and tablets, and Mac and Windows desktop computers.

If you have worn a hearing aid before and hate changing the batteries, the Companion is one of the few OTC hearing aids that comes with a rechargeable battery. The battery will last up to 18 hours on one charge.

Customer Service/Support

Sound World Solutions have extensive user and troubleshooting guides on their site. They also offer how to videos and application videos to guide you through setting up and using the Companion. If you need support they have a phone and an email support help system set up .


The price for the Companion is $449 for one ear  or $735 for a pair.

Warranty/Return Policy

Sound World Solutions offer a 45 Day Money Back Guarantee on the Companion and it comes with a standard 1 year warranty

Sound World Solutions

MDHearingAid® AIR Review


The MDHearingAid® AIR is one of the most popular, budget, over-the-counter hearing aids available. This is a basic model without some of the fancy, advanced features that you find on more expensive OTC models, although it is Telecoil equipped (allows you to hook into looped environments and hear better on Telecoil-compatible telephones) which is unusual for an OTC aid in this price range. The Air works well for users with mild to moderate hearing loss who want a good quality, basic hearing aid that will help them to hear in difficult hearing environments.

Design and Size

The Air is a mini, behind-the-ear style, digital hearing aid. It’s small size makes it very difficult to see when it is being worn and it won’t be obvious to others that you are wearing a hearing aid. Since it is a behind-the-ear style, you will have the receiver that goes in the ear canal that connects with a small clear tube to the main unit that sits behind your ear.

Speech Understanding

The AIR audio processing technology focuses on amplifying speech and high frequency sounds, so you can hear well in conversions in noisy environments, as well as while watching TV. Obviously, in difficult hearing situations like a restaurant it is also important to have good background noise reduction being used, and the Air does have Advanced Noise Reduction capability. It also uses something called Wide Dynamic Range Compression that helps you to hear soft sounds, while stopping sudden loud sounds from hurting your ears.


For the price you are paying, you are getting a great quality, basic hearing aid. The Air will allow most users with mild to moderate hearing loss a big improvement in hearing gain. The Air doesn’t have the most advanced features that you pay thousands of dollars for when purchasing a traditional hearing aid, but for a lot of people this device is a great entry point into OTC hearing aids, especially if they have been reluctant to try out hearing aids due to cost. This OTC aid has sold over 100,000 units, so a lot of people really like it and find it works well for their hearing loss.


The Air is extremely small and lightweight, and most users report them to be very comfortable. The body of the hearing aid sits behind your ear, while the receive that you place into your ear is connected with a small clear tube. The receiver now comes with new improved ComfortTips that make the dome feel more comfortable in the ear canal. The device comes with both open and closed ComfortTips, so you have the option to figure out what works best for you and what you find the most comfortable.

Ease of Use

The Air is, for most individuals, pretty easy to use. It comes with 4 preset programs for different hearing environments, as well as a volume control, both are easy to adjust. It also has a Telecoil mode that can make talking on the phone easier to hear if your phone is Telecoil compatible. If you go to church or certain theaters that have an induction loop system you will be able to connect into the loop system and have the audio sent directly into your aid.

 Customer Service/Support

MDHearingAid offer a lot of different ways to get in touch. You can email them at or use their phone line at 312-366-3899 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm Central Time). They also have the option to fill out a form on the MDHearingAid website. Overall the customer service and support have a great reputation and most users find them to be informative and helpful.


The cost of the MDHearingAid air is $399.99 per each. They have an option to finance it and pay per month.

Warranty/Return Policy

The MDHearingAid® AIR comes with  a 45-Day, Money-Back Guarantee. The MDHearingAid Air warranty is a little short at only 90 days for defects in materials and workmanship from the date that you receive the order. They offer a protection plan for an additional fee.

One final thing to note is that MDHearingAid requires a minimum trial period of 21 days. Hearing aids usually take about three weeks for your brain to fully get used to them, so I assume this policy is in place to make sure people don’t give up on the aid too early. Anyway if you do return the aid before the 21 trial period there is a ten percent (10%) Early Return Fee.


Eargo Plus Review


The Eargo Plus is a super comfortable hearing aid for mild to moderate hearing loss that comes from the Silicon Valley based startup Eargo. This in-ear style is designed with Flexi Fibers that allow air to flow in and out of the ear. Traditional in-ear styles plug the ear canal and stop the low (bass) sounds from going into your ear. By amplifying the higher frequency sounds and letting the lower frequency sound through, you get more of a natural type of sound. What is also great about this design is that the aids are so small that they are almost invisible. Some of the key features include: standard layered noise reduction technology, extended frequency range of up to 7750 Hz, and it is rechargeable.

Design and Size

If you are self-conscious about wearing a hearing aid, one of the best things about this design is that is very difficult to see when it is being worn. They are so small and discreet, no one will know that you are wearing them. The design is also very unique and not at all like the styles of traditional in-ear hearing aids. The initial design was inspired by a fishing fly and it’s main design feature is that it has soft flexible fibers that allow air to go back and forth in the ear canal. This design makes them much more comfortable to wear and it helps to make the sound much more natural and clear than traditional in ear styles of hearing aid. Since they are an in-ear design. it may take a little bit of time to get used to the feel, but this is common with most hearing aids.

The other interesting thing to note about the design is the charger is also beautifully designed. It is a carrying case and a charger all in one.

Speech Understanding

The Eargo plus only works for individuals who have mild to moderate hearing loss. The technology it uses focuses on higher frequency sounds, so it will help to clarify spoken words in conversation while suppressing background noise. It will also work well to you help hear your television more clearly and many users find that it is great at allowing users with hearing loss to hear music very naturally.


Most users are very happy with the overall quality of the Eargo Plus. The sound quality is reportedly very good for most users with mild to moderate hearing loss. The Eargo Plus comes with 4 fixed presets for different noise level environments that you have to change manually.  Some similar priced OTC competitors have an auto-surround feature feature that automatically adjusts to different sound environments. This quality of noise reduction technology also appears to be very solid, even while using the phone.


The Eargo Plus is very small and easy to wear, although they do take some getting used to. Initially, many wearers find them ticklish or itchy during the first few days of wearing. It should only take a couple of days to used to the feel of the hearing aids and any itchiness that you may feel will pass.
To remove the aids all you have to do is pull the removal thread gently.

Ease of Use

Eargo plus are easy to put in and take out. However changing the volume level and the 4 presets can be difficult for some users.  The way that you change the setting is to rapidly double tap your ear, you will know that you have changed the setting by the device beeping to indicate the amplification level you are at. For some users this can take a bit of practice to get right, other users feel a little self conscious changing the setting in this way in front of other people.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the Eargo Plus is rechargeable, so you don’t have to deal with the tiny hearing aid batteries that can lead to a lot of frustration with traditional hearing aids. The rechargeable batteries makes the aid much more convenient to use.

Customer Service/Support

The customer service at Eargo has a reputation for being very good.  When you first contact the company you get a hearing professional assigned to you. Your hearing professional will answer all your questions, explain about hearing loss and if and how the Eargo might help you. Then if you do choose to purchase from Eargo, your representative will stay in touch and check in to see how you are doing and to go over how the Eargo should be cleaned.


The price of the Eargo plus is a one time payment $1,999.00 for the two hearing aids, or if you prefer you can set up a payment plan that allows you to break the payment down into lower installments. At this  time it does not appear that you are able to purchase just one aid, they must be bought as a pair.

Warranty/Return Policy

Eargo offer a 45 day 100% full refund. If you find that they do not work for your level of hearing loss or you are not fully satisfied with the device, Eargo are happy to refund your money.  The warranty on the Eargo Plus is a one year limited warranty that starts from the date of purchase.

You can find them online at Amazon

Embrace H-700 Review


The Embrace H-700 is a high performance, German engineered hearing aid that is custom programmed by the Audiology Team at Embrace Hearing from your hearing test that you send to them. Embrace Hearing are an online business based in the U.S that have been operating since 2011. This is one of the best options if you are looking for the highest quality OTC aid you can get for the lowest price. Embrace purchase their  hearing aids directly from the manufacturer, so they are able to offer them to customers for about a third of the price you would pay in a retail environment.   The Embrace H-700 is Embrace Hearing most popular model, but they have other options that start as low as $449.

Design and Size

As you can see from the photo above, the Embrace-700 is an extremely small and discreet design. It comes in seven different color combinations, and you can purchase a variety of additional accessories that can be used with this aid.  It is a BTE open fit design, with receiver-in-canal (RIC), this type of design is the most popular hearing aid design and often regarded as the most comfortable.

Speech Understanding

If you are looking for a high quality device with the best type of voice recognition technology, the Embrace H-700 is one of the best options available OTC. This devices voice recognition technology offers 16 sound processing channels, as well as multiple directional microphones.  Multiple Directional Microphones are great for better voice recognition because they allow you to hear from many different directions. It also has an auto-surround feature that easily adjusts to different environments. Finally for clarity it is important to have really good feedback cancelling technology on your hearing aid and the Embrace H-700 has advanced feedback cancelling technology.

This model also offers a feature called SpeechBeam that you can add for an additional fee. SpeechBeam is very advanced sound processing technology that helps to clarify speech even further, especially in noisy situations.

One unique feature also worth mentioning is that this model includes a telecoil that  allows you to hook into different kinds of loop systems that are often used in churches and theaters that lets the audio stream right into your hearing aids.


What is great about the Embrace H-700 is that it is giving you access to some of the best hearing aid technology that is available, but you aren’t stuck paying $5000 plus in a retail environment.  It is a little more pricey than some of the other OTC hearing aids that are available, but the some of the standard features like the surround sound technology that is included in the device, as well as the optional  SpeechBeam feature basically means that you are getting top-of-the-line hearing aid technology for a much lower price than you would pay elsewhere.


Most users find the H-700 to be very comfortable to  wear for long periods of time. They are very light and quite small, they are so comfortable in fact, that often users forget that they are even wearing a hearing aid.

Ease of Use

These are a very easy to use hearing aid for most individuals. Some users may find the very small size a little difficult to adjust. If that is the case, you should probably consider purchasing one of the optional remotes. The two optional remotes that are available for the hearing aid for an additional fee make the hearing aid very easy to use. One of the remotes is a standard remote that lets you adjust the volume and select manual programs. The Bluetooth remote lets users listen to music , talk on the phone or stream TV shows really easily.

If you have every had difficulty adjusting the very small hearing aids or you have hand dexterity issues, the remotes make using these hearing aids so much easier. They are easy to adjust and maintain, without having to take out and put back in.

Customer Service/Support

By most customer reports, the service and the support from Embrace hearing is exceptional, usually referred to as being friendly, helpful and informative. They offer unlimited customer support that you can access through their 24/7 toll-free customer hotline. If you need specific help for a hearing issue they have a board-certified audiology team that will answer any questions or problems that you have, usually the same day.

The Embrace website also have have to videos, a very informative FAQ, and glossary for all of the general questions that you may have.


The price for the H-700 is $949 per ear. You can add the Speechbeam feature for $300 per ear that will give you an additional 4 sound processing channels to localize speech from different directions. You also have the option to purchase an optional standard remote to change the volume and program settings for $99. If you are interested in the Bluetooth remote that is $289.

Warranty/Return Policy

Embrace Hearing Aids come with a 45-day free-trial period. If you aren’t completely satisfied you can get your money refunded. You also get  free shipping, a full manufacturer’s warranty and unlimited phone and email support. They offer a payment plan if you would prefer not to pay for the hearing aid in one payment.

Embrace Hearing

Oro RIC Hearing Aid Review


One of the best places to get OTC hearing aids is from Audicus, and one of Audicus’s most powerful and most popular models is the Oro RIC Hearing Aid.  It is a behind-the-ear style with a receiver in canal (RIC). It has the type of technology that you find on hearing aids that cost thousands of dollars. The Oro’s stand out features include  advanced speech enhancement and smart environment detection, so it adjusts to the sound of your environment. For an additional fee, you can also add Bluetooth capability with a handheld remote that can be used for things like listening to music or watching TV.

Design and Size

This is a very small and discreet model. The dimensions are: height – 1.0″, width -0.75″ and thickness 0.19″. It comes in wide selection of colors including beige, black, silver, white, grey and brown. The tubes are an open-fit design, which many people who wear hearing aids prefer for comfort.

Speech Understanding

This is a very powerful model so it is best suited for those who have moderate to severe hearing loss. If your hearing loss is mild, you can look at some of the less expensive models that Audicus offer.  The Oro has adaptive directional microphones that help to clarify speech. It is also able to adjust to your environment with auto-adapt programming. The adaptive feedback and noise control system helps you to hear conversations while in noisy environments.


The Oro is a high quality hearing aid that is comparable to some of the much more expensive hearing aids on the market. The device itself has technology that you don’t find on a lot of OTC hearing aids, including a SoundHD sound processor, 8 or 12 channels, and an advanced programming algorithm for amplification of speech. It also has the optional Bluetooth and telecoil add-ons, that are not available on lower priced models.


For most people this is reported to be a comfortable hearing aid. It is lightweight, very small and the domes are open-fit, which are generally regarded as the most comfortable domes to wear. Some people find the tubing to be a little short, but that can be easily fixed by Audicus. It comes with a variety pack of domes, so you will have to experiment to find the right dome for your ear size.

Ease of Use

Overall most individuals find this to be a very easy to use hearing aid. If you don’t purchase the optional remotes, you can easily adjust the volume and programs on the hearing aid itself. If you find changing settings on the device itself is difficult or you have dexterity issues that make it difficult to adjust the small device, there is an option to buy a handheld basic volume remote that makes it easy to adjust the settings on the device through the remote. There is also the option to get the  Bluetooth remote.

The Bluetooth Remote gives you the ability to stream sounds from your television, stereo, smart phone, computer, or tablet right into the hearing aid. A lot of people love this feature, since it lets them hear TV and music clearly again. The remote also gives you the option to  change the volume and program settings on the hearing aid through the remote rather than fiddling with the hearing aid itself.

Customer Service/Support

Of all of the companies that we have researched who sell OTC hearing aids, Audicus appears to have some of the best customer service around. They don’t use high pressure sales methods, rather they genuinely try to find a hearing that is the best for your needs. The customer service representatives who work there are helpful, knowledgeable and thorough. It is easy to get in touch with the company if you have any questions, all you need to do is go on the website click on their link to chat with their online customer support. They have a reputation for answering questions quickly and accurately .  If you do buy a product from Audicus the follow-up support is also very good.  You can call them through their 1-800 number, you can email them or chat online.


The price for the Oro is $799 per ear. If you choose to get the basic volume remote that is an extra $99, and if you would like to get the Bluetooth remote that is another $299. This is one of the most expensive OTC hearing aids, but it is also one of the few that is powerful enough to work well for people with severe hearing loss. For the price you are getting a high quality aid, as well as exceptional customer service.

Warranty/Return Policy

The Oro RIC Hearing Aid comes with a 45-day money back guarantee or you can consider that a 45-day trial period. If you don’t like the hearing aid you can return it for a full refund as long as it isn’t damaged. It also comes with a 1-Year Warranty.  If you find that your hearing loss has changed during the life of the hearing aid, you can send it back to Audicus and they will reprogram it for free.