iHearMax Review


The iHearMax is a hearing aid developed by a startup called iHearMedical that creates good quality hearing aids and innovative do it yourself online tools to adjust the hearing aids. The iHearMax is a very good, basic hearing aid that has 4 presets for different environments that will work for most individuals with mild up to severe hearing loss. What makes this aid a little different is that there are optional upgrades that you can purchase that allow you to customize the device at home or have the company pre-program the hearing aid based on your audiogram.  If you are into technology and are interested in taking control of your hearing adjustments and customizing the device, the iHearMax is definitely a hearing aid that you should consider. You don’t have to get the optional programming kit or the pre-programming service, but if you do it allows you use the hearing to its maximum potential.

Design and Size

The iHearmax devices are designed to very small and lightweight, you can even wear them comfortably with glasses without  much of an issue. The hearing aid comes with 7 different sized ear tips, both vented and standard options so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the right fit. They come in a tech gray or a classic beige color, and you can choose between two different clear wire lengths.

Speech Understanding

For most users the sound quality of the iHearMax is reportedly very good. What makes a huge difference for the clarity of the speech is the ability to program and adjust the sound yourself based on your actual hearing environment (although this means that you have to buy the optional programming kits) . If you would prefer not to adjust the hearing aid yourself, for an additional fee you can send the company your audiogram and they will programming the device for you using your audiogram. If you have any issues with programming the device you can call the company and they have audiologists who you can speak to who will suggest the right settings for you.


The iHearMax is a high quality hearing aid that is manufactured in California. It is quite a durable device that is made of composite plastic. As far as technology, it has 4 sound profiles, high fidelity 20-bit digital audio processing, adaptive feedback cancellation, 4-channel wide dynamic range compression and digital ambient noise suppression. A lot of users comment on how good the background noise suppression on this device is.


The small size and the access to 7 different tip sizes means that for most people this will be a comfortable hearing aid. You may have to try a number of different tips before you find what works for you. FYI once you have found the right tip you will have to order more from the company, as the tips only last for around 30 days, they cost $1.50 for each tip.

Ease of Use

For the most part, the iHearMax is pretty easy to use. Some individuals may find it a little bit confusing to use the programming kit if they aren’t tech savvy, but the company has really tried to make the device itself to be easy to program. If you have basic computer and smartphone skills, you shouldn’t have much trouble getting started. Also remember you don’t have to get the programming kit, the hearing comes with 4 presets that will work well for most people. If you have any trouble with the hearing aid, it is easy to get in contact with support and they will talk you through any issues that you may run into.

Customer Service/Support

You can contact the iHearMedical support to get help with adjusting the settings and with any other issues through their phone line or by email at support@ihearmedical.com or Tel +1 (844) IHEAR44, Tel +1 (844) 443-2744.


The iHearMax costs $399 per ear or $798 for both ears. The company offers a financing deal with 0% interest with no payments for 6 months on hearing aid purchases.

Warranty/Return Policy

The iHearMax comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a limited 1-year warranty.


Available from iHearMedical