Embrace H-700 Review


The Embrace H-700 is a high performance, German engineered hearing aid that is custom programmed by the Audiology Team at Embrace Hearing from your hearing test that you send to them. Embrace Hearing are an online business based in the U.S that have been operating since 2011. This is one of the best options if you are looking for the highest quality OTC aid you can get for the lowest price. Embrace purchase their  hearing aids directly from the manufacturer, so they are able to offer them to customers for about a third of the price you would pay in a retail environment.   The Embrace H-700 is Embrace Hearing most popular model, but they have other options that start as low as $449.

Design and Size

As you can see from the photo above, the Embrace-700 is an extremely small and discreet design. It comes in seven different color combinations, and you can purchase a variety of additional accessories that can be used with this aid.  It is a BTE open fit design, with receiver-in-canal (RIC), this type of design is the most popular hearing aid design and often regarded as the most comfortable.

Speech Understanding

If you are looking for a high quality device with the best type of voice recognition technology, the Embrace H-700 is one of the best options available OTC. This devices voice recognition technology offers 16 sound processing channels, as well as multiple directional microphones.  Multiple Directional Microphones are great for better voice recognition because they allow you to hear from many different directions. It also has an auto-surround feature that easily adjusts to different environments. Finally for clarity it is important to have really good feedback cancelling technology on your hearing aid and the Embrace H-700 has advanced feedback cancelling technology.

This model also offers a feature called SpeechBeam that you can add for an additional fee. SpeechBeam is very advanced sound processing technology that helps to clarify speech even further, especially in noisy situations.

One unique feature also worth mentioning is that this model includes a telecoil that  allows you to hook into different kinds of loop systems that are often used in churches and theaters that lets the audio stream right into your hearing aids.


What is great about the Embrace H-700 is that it is giving you access to some of the best hearing aid technology that is available, but you aren’t stuck paying $5000 plus in a retail environment.  It is a little more pricey than some of the other OTC hearing aids that are available, but the some of the standard features like the surround sound technology that is included in the device, as well as the optional  SpeechBeam feature basically means that you are getting top-of-the-line hearing aid technology for a much lower price than you would pay elsewhere.


Most users find the H-700 to be very comfortable to  wear for long periods of time. They are very light and quite small, they are so comfortable in fact, that often users forget that they are even wearing a hearing aid.

Ease of Use

These are a very easy to use hearing aid for most individuals. Some users may find the very small size a little difficult to adjust. If that is the case, you should probably consider purchasing one of the optional remotes. The two optional remotes that are available for the hearing aid for an additional fee make the hearing aid very easy to use. One of the remotes is a standard remote that lets you adjust the volume and select manual programs. The Bluetooth remote lets users listen to music , talk on the phone or stream TV shows really easily.

If you have every had difficulty adjusting the very small hearing aids or you have hand dexterity issues, the remotes make using these hearing aids so much easier. They are easy to adjust and maintain, without having to take out and put back in.

Customer Service/Support

By most customer reports, the service and the support from Embrace hearing is exceptional, usually referred to as being friendly, helpful and informative. They offer unlimited customer support that you can access through their 24/7 toll-free customer hotline. If you need specific help for a hearing issue they have a board-certified audiology team that will answer any questions or problems that you have, usually the same day.

The Embrace website also have have to videos, a very informative FAQ, and glossary for all of the general questions that you may have.


The price for the H-700 is $949 per ear. You can add the Speechbeam feature for $300 per ear that will give you an additional 4 sound processing channels to localize speech from different directions. You also have the option to purchase an optional standard remote to change the volume and program settings for $99. If you are interested in the Bluetooth remote that is $289.

Warranty/Return Policy

Embrace Hearing Aids come with a 45-day free-trial period. If you aren’t completely satisfied you can get your money refunded. You also get  free shipping, a full manufacturer’s warranty and unlimited phone and email support. They offer a payment plan if you would prefer not to pay for the hearing aid in one payment.

Embrace Hearing