Century Hearing Aids Best Ear Basic


Century Hearing Aids Best Ear Basic is a good option if you are looking for a value hearing aid that doesn’t have fancy, extra features, but is a solid device that will help you hear conversations, TV and help you when you find yourself in difficult hearing situations. The Best Ear Basic is a standard behind the ear style that most people find very lightweight and difficult to see when wearing. If you try out this aid and find it isn’t for you, Century Hearing has an easy, no hassle return policy.

Design and Size


This device is the very common BTE open fit style. A lot of individuals like wearing this type of BTE design because it comfortable and relatively discrete. This particular model is lightweight and is fairly slim. You can get it in either beige and silver colors, both with the clear sound tube. It uses a standard 312 hearing aid battery and has a manual volume control.

Speech Understanding

The technology on the Best Hear Basic will allow most individuals with moderate to severe hearing loss to hear clear conversations while in restaurants, church and while outdoors. It has background noise reduction capability and comes with 4 program settings (quieter setting, noisy setting, using telephone and listening to music). If you would prefer to have the hearing aid pre-programmed all you have to do is send in a copy of your hearing test to Century Hearing, and they will program the device for your level of hearing loss.



The features that are offered for this hearing aid are pretty standard for this price range. With the Best Ear Basic you will get an omni microphone, noise reduction (reduces background noise so you hear speech), feedback cancellation (so you shouldn’t get the high pitched squeal), and 2 channels / 12 bands. It doesn’t have the top of the line hearing technology or features, but most will find this is a great hearing aid for the price you are paying.


The Best Ear Basic is an open-fit hearing aid that most wearers find very comfortable.   Open fit are comfortable because they don’t block the entire ear canal. Instead they allow air to flow through and you can hearing low frequency sounds naturally, while the high frequency sounds are amplified.

Ease of Use

Since this is a basic model, there aren’t a lot of extra features or bells and whistles to make it difficult to use. There is an easy to adjust volume control, and the ability to switch between 4 different program settings depending on the type of hearing situation you find yourself in (restaurant, mall, movie theater, at home, etc.).

Customer Service/Support

Century Hearing Aids have a few different ways to get help and support. They have a toll free number, you can submit a question on their website they also have a website chat that is easy to access to get immediate answers to any questions or concerns that you may have.


The price for one Best Ear Basic is $399, if you choose to get a pair then it is an additional $301.

Warranty/Return Policy

The Best Ear Basic comes with a 90 day money back satisfaction guarantee and has a 1 year warranty if they stop working or become defective.  If you have to return the hearing aid you can get it shipped back for free. Century Hearing also offer a free lifetime service plan that includes programming, adjustments and cleaning.

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