Brand Overview: Clearly Hearing

Clearly Hearing is a hearing aid website that sells budget conscious hearing aids for much less than your would pay in a brick and mortar store.  They offer five different models that feature advanced technology like adaptive directional microphones, background noise reduction, feedback reduction, volume controls and multiple memories.  All of their online hearing aids come with a high level of customer support, despite the low prices of the aids themselves. The Clearly Hearing hearing aids are best for hearing losses that range between mild to moderately-severe. Their aids come with a risk-free with a 50 day money back guarantee. Clearly Hearing is owned and run by hearing healthcare professionals with 30+ years experience owning and operating retail hearing clinics.





Clearly Hearing

Brand Overview: Advanced Affordable Hearing

Advanced Affordable Hearing offer OTC digital hearing aids that you can order through their website. The company has been in business for 26, and it started with the goal of offering affordable hearing aid solutions for the growing number of people with hearing loss. They pride themselves on giving consumers an alternative to paying thousands of dollars for hearing aids. They believe that hearing loss is treatable for most people and it is possible to offer inexpensive and reliable aids that will improve your quality of life.

Advanced Affordable Hearing

Brand Overview: Century Hearing Aids

Century Hearing Aids is a New Jersey based website with an online store which offers a range of high quality over the ear, in ear and in-ear premium hearing aids. They are a family owned and operated American small business. Their goal is to sell budget-conscious hearing aids that have equivalent digital technology and features of a $3000 hearing aid for 50-70 percent less cost. The company is focused on positive customer experiences, by providing customer service that is helpful, respectful and transparent. All of the hearing aids they sell are made in the USA and are FDA approved.




Brand Overview: Embrace Hearing

Embrace Hearing are an online hearing aid store. Their goal is to offer high performance, German-engineered hearing aids at the best price possible. The hearing aids that they sell are bought directly from the European manufacturer, and since they are sold online, Embrace Hearing is able to offer them for roughly around a third of the cost of the retail price. Embrace employ US-based, licensed audiology team that look at your hearing test (that you send them) and then custom program the hearing aid for your particular needs. They offer three different, behind-the-ear models for different levels of hearing loss. All three models are backed by a high level of customer service and support.


Embrace Hearing

Brand Overview: MD Hearing Aid

MDHearingAid was founded by Dr. Sreekant Cherukuri, a Board-Certified Otolaryngologist based in Chicago as a way to help those who could benefit from a quality hearing aid, but who were unable to afford one.

The MDHearingAid line of products that he ultimately developed come in digital models, and are “one-size-fits-most”. They use the most current technology that will amplify the human voice while not amplifying background noise.  The company offer 24 hour a day support for any concerns or questions that you may have. MDHearingAid have some of the least expensive, yet good quality OTC hearing aids available.



Brand Overview: Sound World Solutions

Sound World Solutions is based in Park Ridge, IL and they put out their first high-end personal sound amplifier in 2013. The company’s mission is to provide affordable, high quality hearing solutions to the millions of people around the world who need occasional hearing assistance.

Sound World Solutions also do a lot of work  with organizations that conduct hearing health studies as well as providing hearing services and solutions in developing markets throughout the world.

Sound World solutions re-envisioned how hearing aids are designed and they came up with a way that allows an individual to screen their own hearing, fit the hearing aid for the customers own comfort, and program the hearing aid themselves through a smartphone or tablet.  


Sound World Solutions

Brand Overview: Audicus

Audicus is an online hearing aid company that was started in 2012 and is based in New York. It offers high-tech, affordable hearing aids directly through its website at a fraction of the cost of a traditional clinic. They are able to offer lower prices because they cut out the middlemen and partner with independent manufacturers in the U.S and Germany. This business model lets them deliver the hearing aid directly to the consumer. They have 4 styles of hearing aid to choose from for different levels of hearing loss. They also have on-demand support by phone, email or online that are informative and helpful for every step of the process of buying the hearing aid online.


Brand Overview: Eargo

Eargo is a startup based in Silicon Valley that was founded in 2013. The Eargo mission is to make people want to have a hearing aid because the whole process easy and comfortable. They have done this by completely redesigning the basic hearing aid model to be breathable, almost invisible when wearing, and healthy for the ear canal. Their hearing aids are able to hide almost entirely within the ear, are easy to use, and work right out of the box. Eargo are using innovative technology and design, in addition to a customer-first based business model to shake up the traditional hearing aid market.


Brand Overview: iHearMedical

iHear Medical is a California based startup that is dedicated to finding affordable and accessible hearing solutions for consumers who are dealing with hearing loss especially those whose needs are not being met by traditional hearing aid company services.

iHear Medical focus on good sound quality and have created innovative online tools including a hearing test. This is a company that believes that affordable hearing solutions are a human right, they believe in innovation in all aspects of their business, and the strive to deliver a superior customer experience. They also try to make the highest quality products they can.