Eargo Plus Review


The Eargo Plus is a super comfortable hearing aid for mild to moderate hearing loss that comes from the Silicon Valley based startup Eargo. This in-ear style is designed with Flexi Fibers that allow air to flow in and out of the ear. Traditional in-ear styles plug the ear canal and stop the low (bass) sounds from going into your ear. By amplifying the higher frequency sounds and letting the lower frequency sound through, you get more of a natural type of sound. What is also great about this design is that the aids are so small that they are almost invisible. Some of the key features include: standard layered noise reduction technology, extended frequency range of up to 7750 Hz, and it is rechargeable.

Design and Size

If you are self-conscious about wearing a hearing aid, one of the best things about this design is that is very difficult to see when it is being worn. They are so small and discreet, no one will know that you are wearing them. The design is also very unique and not at all like the styles of traditional in-ear hearing aids. The initial design was inspired by a fishing fly and it’s main design feature is that it has soft flexible fibers that allow air to go back and forth in the ear canal. This design makes them much more comfortable to wear and it helps to make the sound much more natural and clear than traditional in ear styles of hearing aid. Since they are an in-ear design. it may take a little bit of time to get used to the feel, but this is common with most hearing aids.

The other interesting thing to note about the design is the charger is also beautifully designed. It is a carrying case and a charger all in one.

Speech Understanding

The Eargo plus only works for individuals who have mild to moderate hearing loss. The technology it uses focuses on higher frequency sounds, so it will help to clarify spoken words in conversation while suppressing background noise. It will also work well to you help hear your television more clearly and many users find that it is great at allowing users with hearing loss to hear music very naturally.


Most users are very happy with the overall quality of the Eargo Plus. The sound quality is reportedly very good for most users with mild to moderate hearing loss. The Eargo Plus comes with 4 fixed presets for different noise level environments that you have to change manually.  Some similar priced OTC competitors have an auto-surround feature feature that automatically adjusts to different sound environments. This quality of noise reduction technology also appears to be very solid, even while using the phone.


The Eargo Plus is very small and easy to wear, although they do take some getting used to. Initially, many wearers find them ticklish or itchy during the first few days of wearing. It should only take a couple of days to used to the feel of the hearing aids and any itchiness that you may feel will pass.
To remove the aids all you have to do is pull the removal thread gently.

Ease of Use

Eargo plus are easy to put in and take out. However changing the volume level and the 4 presets can be difficult for some users.  The way that you change the setting is to rapidly double tap your ear, you will know that you have changed the setting by the device beeping to indicate the amplification level you are at. For some users this can take a bit of practice to get right, other users feel a little self conscious changing the setting in this way in front of other people.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the Eargo Plus is rechargeable, so you don’t have to deal with the tiny hearing aid batteries that can lead to a lot of frustration with traditional hearing aids. The rechargeable batteries makes the aid much more convenient to use.

Customer Service/Support

The customer service at Eargo has a reputation for being very good.  When you first contact the company you get a hearing professional assigned to you. Your hearing professional will answer all your questions, explain about hearing loss and if and how the Eargo might help you. Then if you do choose to purchase from Eargo, your representative will stay in touch and check in to see how you are doing and to go over how the Eargo should be cleaned.


The price of the Eargo plus is a one time payment $1,999.00 for the two hearing aids, or if you prefer you can set up a payment plan that allows you to break the payment down into lower installments. At this  time it does not appear that you are able to purchase just one aid, they must be bought as a pair.

Warranty/Return Policy

Eargo offer a 45 day 100% full refund. If you find that they do not work for your level of hearing loss or you are not fully satisfied with the device, Eargo are happy to refund your money.  The warranty on the Eargo Plus is a one year limited warranty that starts from the date of purchase.

You can find them online at Amazon