SmartAid Digital Premium Review


The SmartAid Digital Premium hearing aid is one of the smallest sized, open-fit digital OTC hearing aids available. Open-fit hearing aids are a popular choice as most users find them to be very comfortable and to have the best sound.  You can get the SmartAid Digital Premium custom programmed by sending your hearing test to Clearly Hearing before they ship it out, or if you prefer you can have the device pre-programmed with the most common settings for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Design and Size

The SmartAid Digital Premium is a very small behind the ear design. They come in a beige or charcoal color, and they are sold with a variety of sizes of ear tubes so you can get the right fit. It is a fairly standard design with a volume control and a compartment for the battery. The size dimensions are 7/8 of an inch in length, by 1/4 size in thickness and 5/16 of an inch in width.

Speech Understanding

This hearing aid has a lot of features to enhance the sound quality that are pretty advanced for an aid in this price range. One feature worth noting is that it has adaptive directional microphone technology. This just means that the aid is switching automatically between omni-directional and directional microphones in order for you to hear speech that is right in front of you, even when you are moving into noisy environment from somewhere quieter. It also has top notch  background noise cancelling technology, which is incredibly important when you are having a conversation anywhere that has a lot of background noise. Noise cancelling technology works by separating the voice from the noise, amplifying it and keeping the background noise normal.


TheSmartAid Digital Premium  has the most advanced features of any of the hearing aids that Clearly Hearing sell. It has a new 130 Nanometer DSP Engine, that helps to amplify the medium to high frequency sounds and to allow the noise cancelling technology to work really well, so you get better voice clarity in noisy environments. If you love tech specs they have quite an extensive description of the technical aspects of the device on their website.


If you are concerned about comfort with your hearing aid (which most people are), a good place to start is with an open-fit behind the ear style. Open fit tips are very comfortable and often have the best sound. They don’t plug the ear canal, so low frequency sounds are heard normally and middle and high frequency sounds are amplified. Small behind the ear models are also, for the most part, very comfortable and lightweight.

Ease of Use

The SmartAid Digital Premium is a standard behind the ear hearing aid that is easy to use and easy to change between the four settings. If you have hand dexterity issues you may find the small size difficult to adjust. SmartAid Digital Premium comes with 4 volume settings allowing users to easily adjust the volume just by pushing a button on the device.

Customer Service/Support

By most accounts, the support team at Clearly Hearing is very helpful, easy to deal with and professional. If you get in touch with them, they will help you to understand your hearing loss and what technology will work best for you. You can contact them through their live chat on the website, by phone or by submitting a query on their contact page.


The price for the SmartAid Digital Premium is $499 per ear, or $998 for a pair.

Warranty/Return Policy

SmartAids Digital Premium comes with a 50 day 100% money back guarantee. It also has a one year warranty. The company does charge a $20 flat fee for shipping and handling if you need to get the hearing aid repaired under the warranty. Clearly Hearing lists the cost for repairs that aren’t covered under the warranty which run $100 for minor repairs and $200 for major repairs.

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